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Языковой тест

Учеба в Канаде (языковой тест)

NAME: (имя, фамилия)

COUNTRY: (страна) CITY: город

E-MAIL: (электронный адрес- обязательно и без ошибок)

Question 1 : There N/Aisarebemany some boys under the tree.

Question 2 : Columbus discovered America N/Aatinonmany 1492.

Question 3 : He has N/Aa_brown_hairswhitewhite_haircar .

Question 4 : Jerry and Linda N/Acamecomewill_comehave_come to school on time every day.

Question 5 : Please keep quiet. The baby N/Asleptis_sleepingare_sleepingbe_sleeping .

Question 6 : I usually N/Adrunkendrinkwill_drinkis_drinking a cup of coffee at lunch.

Question 7 : I want to eat N/Ariceplate_of_ricepowl_of_ricesa_rice .

Question 8 : My mother bought N/Aa_pumpkinstwo_pumpkinsbox_of_pumpkins .

Question 9 : Honesty N/Aarewereisbe the best policy.

Question10 : He N/Ais_workingworkworkerwas_working in the garden last weekend.

Question 11 : I want to buy new N/Afurniturefurnituresbunch_of_furniturefurnitures_group .

Question 12 : My mother bought two_chairstwo_chairchairs_twochair yesterday.

Question 13 : Where is N/Ayoursyouyourme wallet?

Question 14 : What is N/Ayouyourushim favorite food?

Question 15 : I N/Aam_lovingare_lovingwos_lovinglove you.

Question 16 : I N/Aknowam_knowingknownam_knowninng who you are.

Question 17 (1 points): I have N/Amany_not_hairno_hairnot_a_hairsno_a_hair .

Question 18 : She was born N/Aatoninwich 1979.

Question 19 : He is one year N/AThe_oldestyounger_thenyoungerthe_younger me.

Question 20 : There N/Aareisbeenbe many people in the church.

Question 21 : English Bay College students N/Acanpossiblewill_canis speak English very well.

Question 22 : She N/Awont_able_tocan'twill_canables drink any alcohol.

Question 23 : He N/Ahas_18_years_old18_years_old18_year_oldis_18_years_old .

Question 24 (1 points): When I was younger, I N/Acould_havecanwere_able_tocould't sleep without my doll.

Question 25 : We N/Abelieveam_believingbelievesare_believing that he will get over it.

Question 26 : We N/Aare_studyingstudyswas_studyinghas_studieng English at English Bay College.

Question 27 : I lost N/Abeinganthenothing watch I bought yesterday.

Question 28 : N/ANoAnTheNothing flower in your hand is a rose.

Question 29 : You have_todon't_have_toneedougth tell me that. I know it already.

Question 30 : I N/Aneeddon't_have_tohave_toouhth go now, because it's too late.

Question 31 : You look tired. You N/Aougthdon't_need_toshoulddon't_have_to go to bed.

Question 32 : You N/Ahad_bettermigth_bewill_bewould try to solve your problem by yourself.

Question 33 : You N/Aougthdon't_havedon't_need_tohave_to bring a wetsuit to the river rafting. It will be supplied as part of the

Question 34 : N/ADoDon'tShouldNeed_to smoke in your room.

Question 35 : I sold the watch which I N/Awould_buyhave_bougthhad_bougthbuy the previous day.

Question 36 : My father N/Ahas_lostlosehad_losinghave_lost his fountain pen.

Question 37 : I N/Awas_eatingateeathave_eaten dinner when you called last night.

Question 38 : When I heard that news, I N/A felt feel ing am_feeling feel scared.

Question 39 : If I N/A were, couldbe, could have been, could am, would rich, I N/Awere, couldbe, could have been, could am, would buy a BMW 735i.

Question 40 (: If the weather N/Ausually drives rain shineis, willwas, used towere, woudn't nice, she N/A usually drives rain shineis, willwas, used towere, woudn't walk to work. However, these days, she usually drives rain or shine. 

Question 41 : I N/Agot marriagedmarriagedgot marriedget marriaged last year. Question 42 : I like Canada'sCanadianCanadadian'sCanada food.

Question 43 : What does he N/Alooklookslookedlooking like?

Question 44 : . N/AHowWhyWhatWho often do you phone your family?

Question 45 : When February comes, I N/Awill have studiedwill studystudyhave studied English for one year.

Question 46 : I knew him at once, because I N/Ahad seenhave seenseeingsee him before.

Question 47 : The police N/Ahas been searchinghad been searchingsearchingsearches the apartment for ten minutes, when the Chief arrived.

Question 48 : We N/Awill be studyingwere studdyinghave studiedgoing to in this class room tomorrow morning.

Question 49 : Do you intend N/Ato eateatingeateneat a hamburger for lunch?

Question 50 : I am looking forward N/Ameetingin meetto meetingat meeting you as soon as possible.

Question 51 : I N/Abrushwould brushbrushingbrushes my teeth before I go to bed.

Question 52 : She N/Awill bitebitesis bitingbit her fingernails. She must be nervous.

Question 53 : Would you N/Awrap uppick uplook overgive up the rest of my food?

Question 54 : Last night we decided to N/Aadd upwrap upeat outcare for for a change.

Question 55 : If they N/Ahad work, would earnhad worked, would have earnedworked, will earnhave worker, would have earned harder, they more money. Unfortunately, they were lazy and they didn't earn much.

Question 56 : What N/Awill, do, winwould, done, wonwould, have done, had wonwould, have done, win you N/Awill, do, winwould, done, wonwould, have done, had wonwould, have done, win if you N/Awill, do, winwould, done, wonwould, have done, had wonwould, have done, win the lottery last week?

Question 57 : Have you ever seen N/Aaanthenothing Rocky mountains?

Question 58 : Ronald is afraid of N/Amakingto makemadebe made mistakes.

Question 59 : You are the one N/Awhosewhomthetbe I told to do it.

Question 60 : The house N/Awhowhosethetwhere Jack built remains empty.

Question 61 : I don't understand N/Awhat did you saywhat said youwhat you saidwhat do you say .

Question 62 : N/AThat love TomWho love TomWho Tom loveWho loves Tom is a secret.

Question 63 : 'Yes, you're right. I agree N/Atowithonfor you.'

Question 64 : N/AAs a wholeComplelelyCompleteWhole the information is correct.

Question 65 : She is looking at the apples. They N/Alookslooklookedis looked fresh.

Question 66 : How many questions N/Ado I askdid I askwill you askI asked since we began this exercise?

Question 67 : After N/Agraduategraduatesgraduatedgraduating from University, Mr. Henderson went on to join the bank.

Question 68 : The grass is wet; it N/Amust rainedhave rainedmust have rainedmust rains last night.

Question 69 : If services are increased, taxes N/Awill probably go upprobably go upprobably upgoing up probably .

Question 70 : The famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was greatly N/Afrom his mother's influenceinfluenced by his motherhis mother influenced himinfluencing for his mother , who

Question 71 : Fire-resistant materials are used to retard N/Aa damage to the interiorthat damages to the interiordamage to the interiorinterior damages of modern vehicles in case of fire.

Question 72 : Please cut my hair N/Athe samethe same lengththe same lengthsame the style in the magazine.

Question 73 : The grass is wet N/Afromfortoof the rain.

Question 74 : It has been estimated that N/Aas many asapproximateuntilmore 1,986,965 people live in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Question 75 : Canada is N/Atoo bigmuch bigvery bigso big that there are six primary time zones.

Question 76 : N/AHoweverEven thoughBecauseWhy the sales were low, the company isn't going to lay off any staff members.

Question 77 : I will go to Vancouver N/Aafterintoabout 3 days.

Question 78 : N/AItWeTheyThere were 5 of us in the taxi.

Question 79 : My mother wouldn't N/Aadmin meallow megive meadmitted me to go overseas when I was 16.

Question 80 : He has, writtenhave, writtenhad writehas, write just _____________ this resume.

При написании теста я потратил N/A 20 минут 25 минут 30 минут 35 минут больше Я, настоящим подтверждаю, что пройденый языковой тест сделан мной самостоятельно.

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